Encryption Anywhere

Protect your privacy and your files. Take control of your data.

Why encrypt your files? Privacy is important to keep people from spying on your sensitive data and to preserve the integrity of your files. When you encrypt your zip archive, your data will be secure from sender for decryption. Encryption protects your files - music, photos, and coursework from malware and keeps your data safe. Encryption keeps your messages in tact and safe from modification during transmission.

Zip encryption can protect your files on any computer, network, or device. The more secure encryption algorithm works locally in your web browser and protects your documents using the industry standard AES algorithm with the most secure hashing. Every message is authenticated to be safe from malware and modification.

Encrypt a new file

Works Anywhere

From your computer to your phone,
encrypt a file in your web browser.

Safe & Secure

Lock your files with a password
keeping your data private.

No Clouds

Your data remains your data - no downloads or clouds required.